In partnership with the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London, the Tate Modern hosted an exhibition called Self-Impressions, exploring concepts of the self. The exhibition included hands-on experiments that considered the impressions that we make on the world and that the world makes on us, and how these shape who we are.

Specially curated by philosophers and neuroscientists from the University of London, the exhibition introduced the visiting public to fascinating new areas of research around identity. It was a thrill to be commissioned for this event.

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Image by Haley Garner

Image by Haley Garner


My co-editor Louise Benson and I were tasked with overhauling the tired fashion section of this Cambridge weekly. Each week, we created moodboards; sourced clothing from Vancouver, New York, and London; scouted models, photographers, and locations; styled, directed, and sometimes shot the images; retouched and post-processed; designed print layouts; uploaded the content online; wrote behind-the-scenes blog posts; and did it all again the subsequent week. 

We collaborated with some incredibly talented individuals, like Lily ColeLetty Schmiterlow, and Shenyue Ding. In three months, we'd grown website uniques by 2761% and been interviewed in The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. Here are some of my favorite images.


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Each year, Wines of Chile partners with LAN Airlines and the Court of Master Sommeliers to host the Wine Bar Wars sommelier competition in New York.

I was delighted to be asked to design an informational booklet for the event! 


When Canadian expats lost the right to vote in our country's last federal election, it became very important to me to find other ways to participate. Liz Riley—a personal hero of mine and all-round boss lady—was running to become a Member of Parliament with the Liberal Party, so I offered to design her website and campaign materials. Liz is exactly the kind of person I would want to be my representative: ultra hard-working, with a keen mind, level head, and open heart. I'm honored to have been part of her campaign.  

I also interviewed Liz for a profile on Refinery29. We chatted about her decision to enter politics and her upbringing in Muskoka. Although she ultimately fell short in her bid, her party triumphed in the federal election. 

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I created the website for a beautiful Israeli documentary called Meet You on the Scaffolding, which contemplates the power of public art in the midst of political conflict. At the heart of a park in Tel Aviv stands a towering bronze sculpture by artist Mira Recanati called the 'Pavilion of Potential.' The curious structure is a favorite among both the neighboring Jewish and Arab communities. In its shadow, lovers meet, children invent joyous games, families gather for picnics and parties. The film documents this intersection between two disparate groups and shows how the sculpture draws them together.

I was honored to create this website for Sima Letichevski's memoir What Lies Ahead, which has newly been translated into English. In her richly observed, moving, and funny account, Letichevski describes a piece of wartime history that has rarely been explored in existing holocaust literature: Instead of facing the perils of staying in Poland, the young school teacher and her husband Samuel flee eastward, all the way to Tashkent in modern day Uzbekistan. Theirs is a harrowing tale of profound bravery and loss, love and hope. 


For two years, I DJ'd in England as part of a duo called FOURH4ND along with Bennett Waxse. When we started off, clubs in Cambridge stuck to a worn-out formula of top-40s pop mixed with jokesy TV theme songs. 

Our mission was to introduce revelers to more variety, more hip hop, and more creative takes on familiar tunes. As we gained traction, FOURH4ND drew fans to mainstream clubs and underground cellar parties, put out weekly mashups and remixes, launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to play seven shows in a row during Cambridge's Freshers' Week, and were commissioned to create mix-tapes for the Goose Party music blog.