We sleep in the living room with her for ten days—Luke on the couch, me on the floor. Sometimes at night she thrashes, sometimes she needs to go out suddenly. I keep my keys and coat by the door along with a bottle of water for the pavement. The hallway, elevator, and lobby are spared; the club-goers are not.

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up, down

Several times during this ordeal I have wondered if the vet is just making shit up. When Nika is bounding around the house and tearing through the forest, it’s hard not to think she must be perfectly fine. Is it possible? Maybe this is all a hoax.

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ready for a change

Lenin Kazoba, a coordinator for the Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) has said: “The most important issue for the youth in this election is the issue of the unemployment.” Dissatisfied with the status quo, younger voters have been looking to Ukawa, a new coalition of opposition parties, to shake things up.

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the thing about Justin

Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister of Canada after a dramatic victory in the federal election on Monday. 

The tattooed, boxing, strip-teasing young head of the Liberal Party of Canada exceeded all expectations on Monday night, winning a solid majority (184 of the 338 seats in Parliament) after starting his campaign in third place. So who is Justin Trudeau? He may have the family name, a “decent jab” in the boxing ring, and great hair, but is he ready to lead? Here are some key things to know about Canada's new prime minister. 

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