oup there it is

The Oxford University Press is the OG, the granddaddy, the holy grail of academic publishers. So you can imagine my absolute delight when I was asked to design the cover for a forthcoming monograph.

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fucking stop.

When I was a sophomore in college working the night shift at a building on campus, a visiting professor put his hands on my body without my consent. In the days that followed, my boss got involved, university administration got involved, my family got involved.

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Jessica Kwongsexual assault, me too
7 scenes of grace

The contradictory demands of puppy-raising seem engineered to make our lives impossible. We need to provide structure, safety, leadership, build a lifelong bond, and be constantly mopping up pee, somehow without completely losing our minds along the way...  

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We sleep in the living room with her for ten days—Luke on the couch, me on the floor. Sometimes at night she thrashes, sometimes she needs to go out suddenly. I keep my keys and coat by the door along with a bottle of water for the pavement. The hallway, elevator, and lobby are spared; the club-goers are not.

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