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ready for a change

Lenin Kazoba, a coordinator for the Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) has said: “The most important issue for the youth in this election is the issue of the unemployment.” Dissatisfied with the status quo, younger voters have been looking to Ukawa, a new coalition of opposition parties, to shake things up.

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the thing about Justin

Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister of Canada after a dramatic victory in the federal election on Monday. 

The tattooed, boxing, strip-teasing young head of the Liberal Party of Canada exceeded all expectations on Monday night, winning a solid majority (184 of the 338 seats in Parliament) after starting his campaign in third place. So who is Justin Trudeau? He may have the family name, a “decent jab” in the boxing ring, and great hair, but is he ready to lead? Here are some key things to know about Canada's new prime minister. 

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